“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

My passion for wedding photography combined with my 10 years of experience can not only offer you peace of mind on your big day but also honest, genuine and emotion filled imagery that will bring joy for decades to come.

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I am thrilled that you are interested in my services for your big day.

Because every nuptial celebration is so unique, I draw up a bespoke quotation for each occasion. As such, the best way to get you a firm number is to set up a call so I can find out what you need in order to provide an accurate costing based on your requirements. 

If my work speaks to your heart, please get in touch and tell me all about your big day. I would love to hear from you!


My photography style can be described as a combination of ethereal and documentary. Creatively, I am equally drawn to documenting fleeting moments and creating classic, beautifully styled wedding portraits. My aim is always to capture the personal and the genuine. I see myself as a non-invasive observer, overlooking a beautiful love story as it unfolds. My images are soft, romantic and can be slightly moody at times if the scene calls for it. 

In my opinion, the sweet spot lies in a cohesive collaboration between photographer and client. Although weddings mostly follow the same rhythm, every nuptial celebration is unique and, as such, I believe in getting to know my client before the big day so that I can find out exactly what their individual expectations are. 

This way I'll know if you adore posing for a stylised portrait that you will be able to show off to your grandkids one day, or if you tend to bolt for the door when someone pulls out a camera (or perhaps a little bit of both). I let all of these aspects and client preferences guide me on the wedding day and then I impart my own unique flavour to present you with beautiful, precious memories that will last a lifetime.


Your wedding day is not a photoshoot. Yes, photos are very important, but it is definitely not meant to be the most important aspect of your big day by a long shot. A wedding is always first and foremost the union of two people who are promising to spend their lives loving and supporting one another. And that is what I want to capture. That being said, it is still my highest priority to honour your celebration with photos in a unique and beautiful way. This is why my approach is always personal and slightly different for every couple and occasion. My goal is to capture you, your story, and being, just the way you are - without any fuss or fancies.

On your big day, you want you to rest assured that my commitment belongs to you. I will always make sure you are at ease and enjoying the process as much as I do. This is why you will find that I prefer not to spend the day following a preconceived "photo checklist" as this takes my attention away from capturing those rare and fleeting moments where the true magic lies. In the end, I may not be able to give you a photo of every single table number, but I will provide you with photos that speak to the heart and provide you with memories that can be treasured forever.

I am fully capable and rather good at directing big groups of people and getting the family organised for those important group photos. However, for most of the day you will probably not even be aware of me as I quietly move through the crowds, keeping my eyes peeled for those rare and fleeting moments that pass you by in a wink of an eye.

My advice to the bridal couple

Always remember that this is your wedding day. It is not your parents', bridesmaids' or anyone else's. Keep this in mind when you're making big decisions about your service providers, the progression of the day, etc. Don't feel pressured to do what is expected of you - do what makes you and your partner the happiest. There are no rules! Don't be scared to break traditions. For instance, if you don't like the idea of the scrutiny of a first dance then you don't have to do it, it is as simple as that. 

Always keep in mind that your wedding day is about you and your partner making a commitment to each other. That is all that matters. The flowers, venue, music, food and fanfare are just the icing on top. If you keep reminding yourself of this fact, the lead-up to the wedding is unlikely to stress you out. If you have a tight budget, choose the one or two vendors that are the most important to you, spend your money on those and hire more affordable service providers to take care of the other aspects of your big day. 

Plan ahead - don't leave things for the last minute. Once you've made a decision, try and stick to it;  don't over analyse or keep going back and forth trying to decide whether it was the right decision. Lastly, if your budget allows for it, hire a wedding planner or at least an on-the-day coordinator that can take care of the details while you relax and bask in a big, fun celebration with family and friends. 

Let's Start The Journey

I would love to hear from you.

Please follow the link below and fill out the contact form, or alternatively email me at jennielizabethphotography(at)gmail.com


How does the booking process work?

Once I have confirmed that I have the date of your wedding available, I will send you an invoice for a 50% (non-refundable) booking fee to secure the date, as well as an important terms and conditions document that will need to be signed and returned before I book the date on my end. The balance of my fee will be due one week prior to your wedding.

Do you work with a second shooter?

Yes, I always work with very talented second shooters and sometimes even with third shooters if the wedding has more than 180 guests.

Can i extend the timeframe on the wedding day?

Yes! Additional hours can be arranged prior to the wedding or even requested on the day of the wedding itself.

Does your package include an album

My packages do not include an album, but this can definitely be arranged after the wedding. I make use of a very talented designer that has taken care of my clients' albums for the last 5 years.

Does your package include an engagement shoot

I would love to do your engagement shoot with you, this is a wonderful way for us to get to know each other before the big day. This can be arranged at an additional cost of R3 500.

How long do we wait for final images?

One week after your wedding, you will receive a sneak peek album of between 20 and 30 images that will be downloadable via an online gallery. The remainder of your photos will be delivered in edited, final format approximately 8 weeks from the date of your wedding.

Do you visit our chosen venue before the wedding?

I make an appointment to visit a venue if I haven't photographed there before. I usually do this in my own time and it is not necessary for you to come with me. However, you are welcome to join me if you prefer.



“I cannot express in words the gift you have given us with your beautiful eye. These pictures are everything and along with us singing your praises, we have had the most incredible feedback on them. You're SO talented!!!”

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