To me, your story lies within the rare moments that pass us in a heartbeat – it is concealed in the touch of a hand, a tear or a stolen kiss.

I am Jenni Elizabeth, an avid wedding photographer, neat-freak and a hopelessly romantic. I see big things in small gestures, I tend to get teary-eyed at most weddings and am absolutely in love with what I do!

I call Cape Town my home, but I am truly inspired by travelling.  I have been lucky enough to have done five international weddings so far in Greece, Italy, Thailand and New York.

My approach is personal. My goal is to capture you, your story, and your being, just the way you are without any fuss or fancies!

My commitment belongs to you on your shoot or big day… I will always make sure you are at ease and enjoying this as much as I do. My photography style is genuine and real. It is non-invasive as I see myself as an observer, overlooking a beautiful love story as it unfolds.

I essentially use natural light only, as I found this tells your story in the most organic and real way. I might however setup additional lighting at your reception if needed.

I pour a little bit of myself into each and every shoot I do, and I cannot wait to capture and share your story in the most genuine way!


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