Hi, I'm Jenni

I am a Cape Town based photographer with over 12 years experience, both locally and internationally.

My portfolio includes a wide range of photography genres, yet I have one philosophy:

I am dedicated to discovering the beautiful human connections within my work; I approach each project with deliberate and unhurried craftsmanship and I aim to capture the essence of my subject authentically and genuinely.

My ultimate objective is to ensure that your experience leaves you feeling uplifted and to provide you with images that evoke tangible emotion and possess a timeless quality.

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“Overly happy we sink into the beautiful world of pictures shot by Jenni Elizabeth, who takes us to a place somewhere between reality and seventh heaven.”

As a photographer, I take pride in offering a highly personalised service.

When I step behind the lens on your behalf, my devotion is focused on you and your story, or that of your brand. With my keen eye for detail and passion for my craft, I always strive for excellence whilst still creating a harmonious and relaxed work environment.



“Jenni. I cannot express how incredibly blown away I am at all of your work. You absolutely nailed it. To say my jaw was on the floor was the understatement of the century. I can’t tell you how many people who have said your images look like a Vogue shoot. Alsoooo, the fact that you sent over 120 photos less than 24 hours after was the cherry on the top!! Truly still on cloud 9. Thank you with all of my heart!!!!! You killed it.”

Recent work:

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