Which topics do you cover in the Mobile Photography Workshop?

1. Photography Fundamentals: Light, composition, camera angles
2. Practical: Gear and backgrounds as well as the process of creating & shooting the perfect flat lay and portrait.
3. Editing: Lightroom, presets, apps

Which topics do you cover in the Content Creation Workshop?

Creating powerful content, newsworthy angles, building trust and a loyal community as well as various ways to create professional visuals for your socials, including shooting & editing with your smartphone.

How does the online Workshop work?

Each attendee will join in via Zoom, so you can literally join in from anywhere in the world as long as the time difference isn't too big. You need to view the workshop from a laptop / computer or tablet as you will need to use your phone during the workshop. During the workshop your video and sound will be switched off, but after each section there will be time to ask questions - either in the chat box or by switching on your video & sound.
Each workshop is limited to 20 people.

How do you bring across the information / content via Zoom?

It's a combination of the following: myself explaining in real time via video call whilst also going through a pre-designed presentation consisting of image examples and concepts; screen share with my phone and computer as I demonstrate angles and editing and then lastly some pre-recorded videos.

What do I need for the workshop?

1. Computer / laptop / tablet to view from
2. Your phone, battery fully charged
3. Good wifi
4. Notebook and pen
5. Objects to "practise on" - it helps to have a couple of objects as well as a flat surface within your reach to play around with while I talk through the different angles and composition rules. This way, when I explain a camera angle for example, you can practice the angle on your end.
Some options for a surface: Table top, piece of cardboard, tray.
Examples of objects: small vase, flower, candle, something edible like a muffin or some fruit.
6. There will be a few other minor things to prepare beforehand, like downloading and installing presets, but I will send you clear instructions on this a couple of days before the workshop.

What happens if there is loadshedding?

Every workshop is recorded, so in the case of load shedding or technical issues, just let me know via email and I will send through the recording.

What type of phone do I need?

Any fairly new (not older than 4 years) smartphone will do the trick. iPhone, Samsung, Huawei are all perfect.

How long is the workshop?

About 3 hours in total with 2 x 15-20 minute breaks

Will I be able to ask questions during the session?

Yes! After each section I allocate time for questions. You can do this in real time either in the chatbox or on video.



“I recently did Jenni's Mobile Photography Workshop which, to be honest, is SO OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE. I’m such an analytical & left-brained person and this really got those creative juices flowing! Ah I really enjoyed this thoroughly! Now I’m so excited to put these skills to work, capturing the most amazing and gorgeous recipes and content for all of you!”